During our approximately 16-month construction phase, more than 38 courses and lectures are continuously being populated with content, and new courses are being conceptualized and designed all the time. During this early stage of construction, the first 50 students to join as Beta Testers, will receive unlimited access to ALL courses for the duration of the development phase for only $50/mo (sign-up here).

This special subscription rate will provide our beta testers with unlimited access to over $19,000 worth of tuitioned courses that are currently under construction as they help us proof-read, test, critique, research and recommend new content, promote The Wealth Academy on social media, refer other testers and new students, and provide valuable feedback to the developers.

Learn more about the Beta Tester role: click here.

For a limited time only, you can help us design and test these courses while getting full access to ALL OF THEM them for a song! At the completion of the beta launch phase, you will receive a special subscription offer to receive LIFETIME access to all current and future courses we develop, potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars on tuition fees!

Until December 31, 2022

For those who wish to become Perpetual Beta Testers, you will enjoy lifetime access to the entire Wealth Academy so long as you maintain your subscription at this price. You will be expected to provide regular constructive feedback on all courses as they are developed and to review each course regularly looking for errors, broken links, outdated material, and opportunities for new content. Once you cancel your subscription manually or miss a recurring payment, you will lose your PBT status and will need to enroll in the courses at current prices as a regular student.

This offer truly is limited to the first 50 students who enroll.

To encourage early student mass adoption, all course prices have been set at a minimum of 50% off the regular price for all students who are not enrolling as Beta-Testers. To get lifetime access to these courses prior to their full launch, regular students may enroll in one or more courses at the pre-launch prices.

To get started as a Beta Tester with this academy, simply create a new member account on our main website at TheWealthCoaches.com.

Once there, choose Login from the top right corner to begin creating your new student profile. Further registration details and additional discounts will be available within the My Account page after you successfully login.

You will be able to return to this platform from your My Account member page when finished. Finally, create a student account on this platform which we will use to enroll you in the courses listed below.

We have some extra special offers and registration processes available to the next 20 students who subscribe before year-end, so hurry up before those VIP seats are completely filled.