Marketing Development License Opportunity

Please refer to the Project Development License Opportunity for details regarding the associated project and the potential marketing gold mine that the Marketing Development License (MDL) truly represents.

As we are all now very well aware, the internet and the dotcom boom of 2000 has given rise to a wealth of business opportunities and new industries centered around what is broadly referred to as social media. Companies like Facebook. LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram, YouTube, and others have created billions of dollars in new wealth in the last 20 years alone. Well over half of the world's population is now currently enrolled in one of more such social networks, with millions more to follow each month as technology expands into third-world countries and citizens embrace these platforms.

Entire Social Network Communities have been formed this century and hundreds of thousands of networkers have emerged who collectively have billions of groupies (aka followers) who regularly "check-in" on what these leaders are saying, doing, and thinking about everyday. These social media "influencers" (SMI's) have such large followings that they can literally swing election results with a single shout-out message to their army of followers. These SMI's often earn far more revenue from sponsorships and advertising than they ever could from a regular day job working 40 hours a week for someone else. Some of the top celebrity influencers command up to $1.5 million PER Tweet! These "socialprenuers" will be one key strategy to our success in driving sales for the Project Development Licensees.

The ideal Marketing Development Licensee will bring to the table both capital and resources to literally light up the market for our course offerings. We will partner with key influencers who currently have over 100,000 followers on one or more of these social media platforms. They will bring their "database" of followers to the table by sending out social tweets, SMS's, chats, shout-outs, posts, email, or other relevant terms that essentially mean a mass advertisement promoting the sponsored course and platform. Through a unique identifying affiliate code issued by us on the Teachable platform, this special link will track the "referral" sale back to the influencer. Teachable automatically will pay out the 10% referral fee to the influencer's account.

These SMI's will send out one message endorsement and receive a typical 3% response rate. Thus, if an influencer sends out just one message to a million followers, we expect to have 30,000 pairs of eyeballs look at the message. Assuming a very conservative 1% conversion ratio, 300 course sales will likely occur from EACH message sent. At $500 average tuition per course, the SMI would earn $15,000 per message sent!

If the licensee is not the same individual or organization as the influencer, the influencer can be "hired" for a flat fee of $500-$1000 on average to send out the message on behalf of the licensee. A smart SMI would obviously be wise to own the marketing license, but some will be satisfied to merely partner with the licensee and send shout-outs for a flat fee with no commission. Regardless of the method used, the power of social media influencing is undeniable and the marketing license will be quite valuable to the licensee. For each $1000 fee paid to an SMI, the return is projected to be substantially higher than the cost, assuming the most pessimistic projections.

Thanks to our innovative Marketing Development Licensing Program, you can participate in the marketing of this amazing e-Learning future right now!

  • If you are an internet marketer with a substantial database of contacts, we need to hear from you.
  • If you are a small business entrepreneur looking to expand your service offerings and add another source of residual revenue, we need your online marketing skills right now.
  • Finally, if you are interested in funding the marketing and build-out of one or more of these courses in return for a lifetime sales commission on each course sold, we have one-time opportunities to turn your online e-marketing experience, your social influence, and your working capital into an amazing referral program that will benefit millions of people over the coming decades who enroll in our courses, while helping you to explode your wealth.

At present, we have nearly 36 one-time licensing opportunities to acquire a Marketing Development Licenses (MDL), which includes Lifetime enrollment in the Wealth Academy, for an initial capital purchase price of only $10,000 per license. Each MDL licensee will receive lifetime access to the sponsored course as well as to the entire suite of present and future courses offered on this platform. Assuming an average retail price of $500 per course, this represents an estimated current value of $18,000+ in FREE Tuition to each course licensee. Each sponsored licensed course will also entitle the licensee to a perpetual residual commission of 10% on the sale of each course sponsored, with an option to sell the license back to us on a right-of-first-refusal basis.

Assuming an average course tuition fee of $500 and a 10% commission per course sold, licensees would earn back the entire license fee on the first 200 course enrollments. If we only manage to sell 1000 enrollments per year per course in North America over the next 20 years (for a total of 20,000 courses sold), the potential residual commission per license would be $1 million on an initial MDL purchase of $10K.

(Disclaimer: Theoretical sales results are in no way guaranteed. A marketing development license is an asset, not a financial security, and no regulatory body oversees the issuance of an intellectual property development licence under private contract. This should not be construed as an offering of securities under any circumstances. It is both an asset purchase and a school tuition fee enrollment in all courses offered that also entitles a licensee to a fixed sales commission in exchange for financial capital AND marketing development expertise).

If you are interested in helping to educate the masses on financial literacy and are able to assist in any of the aforementioned ways, we need to hear from you ASAP.

Please Contact Us today to discuss your involvement.