Create an Account

I invite you to Create a student ID with this platform by clicking the Sign Up button at the top right corner of the menu. Follow the simple instructions and you will be provide with a FREE student ID and account on the platform. This ID is your ticket to The Wealth Academy and thousands of other online schools offered by other content creators. One ID is your digital pass to tens of thousands of virtual classes so take a couple of minutes to complete that easy task now.

Next, visit the main website at and create a new user ID and account record there as well. You will need this to manage your affairs with us, to see your accumulating Academy Rewards™ points, and to see your precious metals transaction records with us. You will be assigned a free shared OneDrive link to view and share (upload) files securely as needed.

  1. Step one is to click the Log in button on the top corner of the website menu.
  2. On the next screen click on the Sign Up link to Create a User Name.
  3. Choose an email address and password. (you may use the same credentials for both teachable and the website to keep things easy to remember).
  4. Select My Profile from the drop down login menu.
  5. Create a New Profile by clicking the button in the gold box at the top of that page.
  6. Proceed to edit the My Account page and update any credentials you need to there. Choose a profile picture, a community URL, update your display name, and add your shipping address that you would have us send any future precious metals orders to for delivery.
  7. See Files | Links page to see the various resources you will have access to once your account has been created.
  8. Scroll down that page and proceed to download the two files called Personal Financial Review and Precious Metals - Client Disclosure, Representation and Purchase Terms Agreement.

TIP: To best advise you regarding your investments, it is wise to have you complete and return (upload) the PFR worksheet so I can make the best recommendations for you. When you are ready to buy precious metals, you will need to have downloaded, signed, and returned the Disclosure Agreement before I can send you a quote or sell you any products, so do take this opportunity to do it now so there will be no future ordering delays as I wait for you to complete this task.

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