Downloadable Resources

This section is a collection of my downloadable resources including brochures, handouts, and links to other websites and off-platform files that will help you to learn more about precious metals investing. It is often updated with new material so do check back every so often to stay in the loop.

Please download these resources to get the current version of each file.

I encourage you also to look at these links right away as they are pertinent to understanding the market fundamentals supporting the need for investments into hard assets like gold and silver.

As a FREE Bonus, here is a link to an Excel spreadsheet called the Personal Financial Review. It is a great tool for assessing exactly where you are currently with your finances. It is part of this course which you will receive for free as a precious metals client, but I am giving it to you now ahead of time.

Please do enroll in The Wealth Academy so I can give you the free enrollment. Simply create a user name here and I will handle the rest. 😊. Also, you will need to create a free user account on the main website at Once you login, please go to the drop down menu and go to My Profile and then Create a New User Profile. This will provide you links to shared files, quotes, and other valuable resources over time.

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