Case Study: Mutual Funds vs. Gold & Silver

To better understand the reasons why you should consider allocating some of your portfolio to precious metals, particularly if you are an active mutual fund investor, you might wish to examine the case study on our website that reveals my real world experience using my personal 22-year investment into two mutual funds vs. an equivalent gold & silver portfolio. See The Case for Precious Metals: What about Buy-and-Hold Mutual Funds? at Rather than reproduce that content here, please divert there for a few minutes to research this material. I will still be waiting here when you get back.

GREAT! that was interesting to say the least, right? Did your financial advisor or bank ever tell you about that dirty little secret of the mutual fund industry?

When I first started as a financial planner, little did I know the impact that the seemingly small 2.5% expense management fee would have such a devastating impact on my long-term rate of return. Sure, the funds themselves performed well according to their prospectus's but that nagging little fee ate away a good chunk of my return each year and enriched not only the company but the various financial advisors whose names were attached to my account over the years that followed. In the 22 years after I made that investment and left the company, I did not meet with a single advisor who still earned a residual commission off my money for doing nothing!

So now that you have a better understanding about how superior precious metals are to mutual funds over the long-term, let's do some further research shall we?

Whether you have open funds or registered funds (TFSA, RRSP, RESP, RRIF, LIF, or LIRA; 401K etc. in the USA), you can enjoy the safety, security, and liquidity of precious metals as a long-term store of value and time-tested hedge strategy against inflation. In times of great uncertainly, nothing beats precious metals. 

Take another moment to visit the direct link to our Gold & Silver Education page at to learn more about the long-term benefit of investing in silver and gold, complete with practical examples of some historical return scenarios. 

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