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If you were at all paying attention to the events of February 2022 in Canada, the trucker’s Freedom Convoy 2022 against Covid19 vaccine mandates ran for about 3 weeks as a peaceful protest in the nation’s capital city. The federal government was told by the military that it would not use force to break up constitutionally lawful and peaceful protests. Tow truck companies refused to remove their compatriot’s vehicles by force. Provincial and municipal police were undermanned and incapable of dispersing a crowd of hundreds of thousands of protestors and thousands of big rig trucks and other vehicles. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to engage in conversation with convoy organizers and instead caused division through his name-calling rhetoric and condemnation of the protestors whom he called the "small fringe racist minority with unacceptable views”.

Mocked by news agencies around the world as a dictator who is out of touch with Canadians, he made the problem dramatically worse by invoking the Emergency Powers Act to authorize law enforcement to disperse the convoy and seize back control of downtown Ottawa. The massive overreach of this extreme measure devolved into seizing vehicles, cancelling vehicle insurance, disrupting crowdfunding sites from distributing much needed donations to the truckers, and then issuing mandates to charted banks to freeze the bank accounts of protestors AND small time donors alike.

Almost immediately after the news broke internationally that the Liberal government began seizing and freezing bank accounts of ordinary citizens without due process, for the simple act of making a donation to the freedom convoy, over $30 billion in foreign investment funds were withdrawn from Canada over the next 7 days, likely to never return to this country. The message was clear to the investment world that Canada was no longer a safe place to store one's wealth when the banks will collude with governments to steal the wealth of citizens in order to coerce compliance.

If the abuse of power witnessed in a supposedly democratic nation with the rule of law does not wake people up to the reality of control that dictatorial governments worldwide have over your money, then perhaps nothing will. But for those who understand the seriousness of these events in protecting their wealth, it is now time to take a serious look at pragmatic means to preserve your wealth outside of the banking system, while you still have the opportunity to do so. 

~ Coach James

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