MONEY, MONEY, & MORE MONEY - How the U.S. Financial System was Hijacked

With the signing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1914, the lawful responsibility of Congress to control monetary policy based on an asset backed system of proportionate and accurate weights and measures (gold and silver) was handed to a cartel of private bankers that have spent the last 105 years debauching our constitutional system and replacing it with a debt based system that threatens our national and personal financial future.

Our guest, Alan Myers, offers real education on the Federal Reserve System, its evils, and how to replace it. If you are interested, please contact him directly at [email protected]; Tel: 858-755-9639

Listen to this excellent eye-opening podcast regarding the monetary system, the Federal Reserve, taxation, debt, and other topics. Click the Play button to listen in. Below the podcast, you can view and download the companion PDF document.

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   Alan Myers is a CPA and forensic accountant who lives and works in San Diego, ca. Over the past 25 years, the majority of his practice has been devoted to providing accounting related services to Chapter 7 Bankruptcy trustees and civil litigators. These services include tax return preparation, analysis of potential fraudulent and preference transfers, reconstructing accounting records, performing insolvency analysis and testifying in bankruptcy court and superior court as an expert witness.

   For the last 8 years, with the experience of a forensic accountant, Alan has studied, researched and analyzed specific aspects of the Federal Reserve System (the FED), commercial banking, and the national debt. In the pursuit of these seldom discussed topics, Alan has reviewed and studied a variety of books, videos, articles and news reports that have originated from many different sources.

   Alan considers the FED’s monetary system to truly be domestic enemy no. 1. The three main symptoms of this by-design, defunctional system are inflation, federal taxation and national debt. Each one of these conditions can be directly traced to the FED’s monetary system. Replace the current monetary system with one that works directly for the benefit of the people, and these three conditions will disappear. 

Alan is a writer, speaker and radio commentator on these and other related topics. Alan can be reached at [email protected]


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Money, Money and More Money-

How the U.S. financial system was hi-jacked and bankrupted!

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December 2018, Freedom Force International, Paso Robles, CA

30 min presentation – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Crypto- Currencies

January 2019, Constitution Study Group, Temecula, CA

60 min presentation - How our monetary system actually functions to our detriment

April 2019, VCIR – Ventura County Informed Response, Westlake Village, CA

45 min presentation – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly about our National Monetary System

May 2019, Freedom Forum, Santa Cruz, CA

60 min presentation - How our monetary system actually functions to our detriment

June 2019, Red Pill Expo, Hartford, CN

30 min presentation - How our monetary system actually functions to our detriment

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