Why this Course?

Before going into why everyone should consider starting their own business, and how best to do it, I would like to lay out some of the real issues facing investors and taxpayers that a small business solution can help to mitigate against. Let's face it, if you don't know why the traditional 40/40 employee-for-life plan is likely to set you up for financial failure by age 65, and what economic, political, and other headwinds you will face along life's journey, then you won't be as likely to escape your comfort zone and make the necessary mindset changes to become a business owner so you can retire with an average of 5.7 times more wealth than your friends and neighbors who stubbornly or ignorantly decided to cling to the old J.O.B. paradigm.

Although business ownership is not for everyone (90% of businesses fail within 5 years), and you may very well choose to stay as an employee for life, at least you will be better informed after taking this course should you choose the old way that has the higher 95% failure rate. To clarify by the age of 65, business owners statistically succeed at twice the rate of employees (10% vs. 5%) and can live entirely off the fruits of their own lifetime of labor at retirement.

For those who have a job and / or wish to stay as an employee in someone else's business, you should at least know the risks you're facing by not diversifying into small business ownership.

So here we go...

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