In this next section of course lectures, you will learn what a Ponzi scheme is and what a Pyramid scheme is, and how they work. You will be able to study some historical examples of where these types of programs were highly successful for the initiators of the program or scheme, but financially devastating for those who invested their money.

As with everything in life, proper due diligence on your part, prior to jumping into any business or investment opportunity presented to you, can be immensely beneficial in helping you to protect your assets and your hard earned money from fraudsters, silver-tongued sweet talkers, slick promoters, and the “used car salesman” type.

In addition to Ponzi and pyramid schemes, I will explain what the highly popular direct selling industry known as Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing is, and I reveal several examples of MLM businesses, mentioning what makes a good one versus bad one, and how to recognize outright frauds.

Most people don't really realize that participation in a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme, often disguised as a legitimate MLM business, is a criminal offence. However, given the resources available to them, regulating authorities cannot possibly target all of the Ponzi schemes and frauds that are available at any given time. Only the most egregious cases with the largest financial losses are targeted for vigorous pursuit by regulators.

If you are looking at starting any business, I recommend that you enroll in our "brainwashing course" called Success Mindset Trainging 101 to first develop the correct foundation that will allow you to succeed in ANY business.

In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the research and practical experience that is now available in the following lectures. As with all our courses, I will be continually adding and developing new material to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends with regard to pyramid schemes and MLM’s. 

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