Why You NEED This Course for Life

Everyone of us believes that fraud is a problem that only affects other people; UNTIL it happens to us. Sometimes the crime will amount to only a small financial loss, but in other cases it can be financially devastating to the victim. Many people have been so affected by these frauds and destroyed financially, that they took the ultimate way out through suicide. If this course helps even one person from taking that drastic step, then I believe it was worth the time and effort that went into its development. After your first few lectures, I am confident that you too will agree.

This material will likely anger you, instill fear in you, and lead to a certain degree of skepticism that you did not previously have; and that is a good thing! I hope to translate your fear and new awareness into concrete preventative steps so that you will not become a statistic.

Share this course widely with others, especially the highly vulnerable and more trusting older generation who are the most highly-targeted and easily-scammed demographic on earth.

Societal morals have indeed changed since the early 1900's when it was commonplace for those generations to leave the house without locking their doors. Those who were born before the 60's and 70's have a much higher level of trust of other people, which makes them uniquely gullible to scams.

Please protect your senior parents and gift them an enrollment in this program.

Also, many people of faith, whether Christian, Muslim, Catholic, or other affinity, are uniquely targeted due to our inherent belief in a higher power whom we must be accountable to in the afterlife. These groups are often infiltrated from within by scammers who gain trust from their mere religious association with fellow believers. The very thought of deceiving others is alien to most people, especially for seniors and people of faith. As a result, countless investment, pyramid, and other trust-based scams have been started within churches and faith-based groups.

Knowing your vulnerabilities and susceptibilities, as well as your biases towards believing in the good nature of others, will allow you to live without fear while remaining vigilant.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you enjoy the rest of this course. 

Coach James

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